Disc Golf Bags

Kangaroo disc golf bag

Disc golf bags have been around since the start of disc golf. Just like a ball golf bag, disc golfers need a backpack capable of holding there disc lineup, gear and personal belongings. Disc golf bags help disc golfers to be well equipped, comfortable and confident on the disc golf course. Without a bag you would struggle to carry the gear and discs that you need to have fun and compete. Checkout this great forum at Disc Golf Course Review to help you determine what bag is right for you: https://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=52

Wild Discs has developed one of the best disc golf bags in the industry! The Kangaroo disc golf bag is tournament ready holding in excess of 21 discs. We are changing the game with the first ever affordable tournament sized backpack. Nothing close to the size, storage capability and comfort of this disc golf bag has ever been available for this affordable of a price. Our disc golf bag also has all the bells and whistles of the market leading bag including the following:

  • Putter pockets
  • 2 Large side Pockets
  • 2 Large water bottle pockets
  • Reinforced rubber strips on the base of the bag
  • Attachment rings on top for a towel
  • 2 Large top pockets for all your personal items or more disc storage

Why do you need this disc golf bag?

No matter if you are a chiseled vet or a weekend warrior, our disc golf bag is a must have. We put a lot of effort into designing one of the most affordable disc golf bags in the industry. Now there is no reason to settle for a low quality small bag and have the headache of not being able to carry all your disc golf gear with you. At half the price or $80 cheaper than the leading competitors bag, our bag is easily the most affordable and of highest quality disc golf bag on the market.

Checkout more info on our Kangaroo Disc Golf Bag at the link below!