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Wild Discs was founded in June of 2020. We strive to excel in hard work, creativity, and exceptional customer service. Our product line is unique, high quality and supports a great cause. Our goal is to be the best online disc golf store and manufacturer possible. Providing you with the most information possible about our line of discs is important to us. We not only produce some of the coolest looking, best quality animal related discs, we also support the animals. Our sport was born from our love of nature and being outdoors, weather it be in the desert, wooded forest or mountains, we all love our wilderness and Wild Discs wants to make sure our wilderness is sustained.

We have the largest selection of Wild Frisbee golf discs in every type of plastic. As an online disc golf retailer and manufacturer, our website will provide you with the information you need to find the best discs at unbeatable prices. We want to help you find and buy your next game-elevating disc while also offering the best customer service and disc quality in the industry. Our mission is to build a motivated disc golf community, eager to support the sport we all love. Each team member of Wild Discs has a love and passion for disc golf as well as wildlife conservation.

When you choose Wild Discs, you are also choosing to help save the animals that reside on our beautiful planet. We support Wildlife Conservation organizations and donate to the cause. We don't just throw cool animal names and graphics on our discs and gear, we actually help our planet's wildlife by donating over 5% of all proceeds towards Wildlife Conservation. Learn more about our efforts in Wildlife Conservation here.

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